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A Brief Explanation: This site is about a lifelong addiction to fly fishing and fly fishing feathers and how they have consumed my resources of time and energy(not to mention money) in fly fishing and fly tying. I am a FeatherJunkie.


I am a fly fisherman. I am a fly tier. Over the years, I've tied a lot of flies and fished in a lot of places.

I've probably spent more time looking at and then purchasing feathers for fly tying than I have actually spent fly tying. Once you've tied a bunch of flies and get some reasonable idea of what you are looking for in a fly, you realize that you didn't have quite the right feather. Then you go looking again for the feathers and purchase new for that fly so you can tie what you want. You get hooked because it's an iterative process. You end up tying new flies each season and then purchase new feathers refining your tastes each season. I am a feather junkie. I can't help it.

I wanted to have a web site to explain my addiction to feathers - specifically to fly tying feathers. Feathers are pretty, fascinating and infinite in variety.

I thought it would be important to show many of the feathers I have selected over the years for fly tying purposes. I wanted to be able to explain some of the mistakes I made in selecting fly tying feathers so those newer in the game would not make the same mistakes I have made. A lot of the mistakes I've made are because the feathers are beautiful and I just wanted to be able to look at them as my own.

More important probably to those looking at the site, was to describe why and how I select feathers now that I think are useful for tying certain types of flies. Maybe someone would learn from that.

Also this site gives me a chance to discuss fly tying and fly fishing which I think everyone in fly fishing likes to do.

We will review some fly tying and fishing gear and equipment which we have used and have opinions about.

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